Wine Decider Pro online

Built around a highly structured database of fine wines, reliable merchants and up to date stock information and prices, Wine Decider Pro online is the most powerful platform designed for wine professionals.


    • 220000 wines listed
    • Prices are updated daily.
    • Statistics: min, average, market and historical prices (since 2007)
    • Stock availability: merchant, location, stock, packaging, size, bottle condition, last update
    • Ratings from all major wine critics
    • Powerful sourcing queries
    • Selection by wine regions, rating...
    • Filter on stock quantity, case size, merchand country
    • Direct contact with merchant
    • Compare your prices with all other merchants or with your selection of merchants
    • Comparison by one or multiple bottle
    • Sort by price difference and focus on low-priced or high-priced references
    • Export your price comparisons to excel
  • Works on desktops (Mac and Windows), tablets and smartphones


Annual membership fee

  • Online demo : please register here
  • One year user licence: 380 € per user
  • One year price comparison module (optional)
    • 0-400 lines: 250 €
    • 400-800 lines: 750 €
    • 800-2000 lines: 1250 €
    • 2000-5000 lines: 2500 €

20% VAT is added on prices for companies registered in France. Companies located in the EU need to provide valid VAT number to avoid VAT charges. Companies located outside the EU need to provide registration number to avoid VAT charges.